I grew up appreciating the value of handmade things.  They weren't fancy or expensive.  They were made of natural ingredients, filled a need, were built to last, and contained large amounts of creativity, inspiration, care and love.  In a world that now seems mass - produced, disposable, and sterile I have longed to return those simpler and more fulfilling times. 

Distelfink Fiber was born from my passion for knitting and all things natural and handmade.  As my knitting skills progressed and my interest in fiber evolved, I found that I wanted to get deeper into creating the yarns and colorways that I was working with. 

I began exploring the creation of my own yarns by working with Mulberry Hill Farm in Carlisle PA, and I am very proud of our blend of Romney/Romney Border-Leicester/Merino yarns.  The wool used in your yarn is increasingly important because most wool now ships around the world before it ever meets you - Distelfink Fiber is locally grown.  Wool grown on the farm, here in the US, creates a value added product for the local economy, and ensures you of highest quality of treatment of the sheep that produce your yarn.

We start the process of creating your yarn by skirting and sorting the best of the fleece for spinning, dyeing and knitting.  We work with local woolen wills to ensure safe environmental practices in washing, and the artisanal attention to the spinning of every skein.  Our local mill knows us, knows our wool, and works with us to create the best product possible for your knitting project. 

At Distelfink Fiber, we hand dye every skein in small batches using natural well water.  The combination of the water,  dye mixes, and dyeing methods create the colorful yarn that  makes your project unique.   You know that the yarn has been properly rinsed, conditioned and  is ready for your project.

We know the journey that your yarn takes as it travels from Sheep to Skein - we are involved in every step.  We can tell you which sheep help produced your yarn, how the yarn was spun, and how we achieved the coloration in the dyeing process.  We invest ourselves in creating your yarn, and when you purchase a skein from Distelfink Fiber you are ensuring the continuation of the Sheep to Skein process.  We interact with you one on one at festivals and shows, on-line, and in the farm shop - you become an extended member of the Distelfink Fiber family. 

You can see our beautiful Distelfink Fiber yarns at fiber festivals, purchase them online at www.distelfinkfiber.com, or at the Mulberry Hill Farm store.  We know you'll love knitting with them, as much as we do creating and dyeing them,