The motel was sold and converted into a single family residence, and a barn and fenced barnyard were added in the 1980's.

Since purchasing the property in 2014 we've cut down a lot of dead and dying trees, cleared pasture, added a second barn building, and built a fence around the entire property to increase pasture area.  We've put on a new roof, done some internal renovations, and are planning our next round of improvements.  We have beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and panoramic views of pasture and surrounding farm fields planted with corn and wheat.

Mulberry Hill Farm started its existence as the Hilltop Motel.  Built in the late 1950's a six room motel was constructed on Route 11, and was run for many years by the Nell family.  The motel ceased operation in the 1970's when the construction of Route 81 diverted customer traffic.  Here is the Hilltop Motel from a postcard photo.

Mulberry Hill Farm

Mulberry Hill Farm is currently home to a flock of 12 sheep:  three purebred Romney's, four Romney/Border Leicester crosses, 3 Cormo's,  and two Romney/Border Leicester/Corriedale crosses.  We coat our sheep to ensure the highest quality fleece in our roving and yarns.  Sheep names:  Maggie, Norah, Ellie, Annie, Olivia, Oakley, Noelle, Lacewing, Harvard, and the Cormo trio 1, 2 and 3.